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Renew El Paso is a group of volunteers who serve in the solar energy and environmental sustainability industry who have great passion in providing community outreach in education and training to the El Paso area.  Renew El Paso is the community education arm of the U. S. Green Building Council's - Chihuahuan Desert Chapter.

Energy and environmental community education programs include solar electricity workshops for adults and eco-camps for kids. 

Kids' eco-camps are set up in partnership with different hosts such as, school districts or private businesses, and are announced on this site and through our Facebook.

Call us at 915-373-6520 or check out the About Us if you're interested in more info about us and our partners.

If you'd like to see us in action, feel free to visit us at the new round of workshops we regularly deliver at Reliance Outdoor Supply in west El Paso!  These workshops dish heapin' portions of training in photovoltaics! In all workshops, safety glasses and tools are provided.  

Workshop participant and classroom safety is important! Our training content and providers are licensed and insured.

In order to provide a rich workshop experience, there are a limited number of seats per workshop. Please call one of our volunteers at 915-373-6520 or Reliance Outdoor Supply at 915-760-8232 to RSVP.



Workshop fees help us offset workshop hardware costs and goes into a scholarship fund for environmental workshops that Renew El Paso holds throughout the year! 

Fund Raiser

Calling all Dollar-aires!

Chip in $15 to the Environmental Explorers Scholarship Fund to help Renew El Paso provide eco-camps and lab hardware to local youth.

For your donation you get a sharp looking Renew El Paso Community Workshop Tee!

Please call us to specify your size.

Check out our In the News tab to see what some of the camps are all about!



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